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True Passion for a Plant-based Lifestyle

It was the fall of 2006 when Mary Beth Laxson received the phone call that would change her life forever. Cancer. She battled. It was winning, causing even more complications... until a chance encounter with the world of eating strictly plant-based changed everything. The cancer had taken a serious toll on her health, even after treatments. But when she was introduced to a pant-based lifestyle, things changed dramatically.

"I like to say that cancer saved my life because it led me to the plant-based lifestyle that grew into Juicy's Wellness Cafe. It changed my health. I beat cancer!"  The zeal from her new-found lifestyle turned into a career in 2010 and a true passion for helping others - through encouraging transformative healthy southern dishes that would satisfy any palette. 

Juicy's Cafe quickly became a local favorite in her hometown of McMinnville and gained national recognition for creating mouth-watering southern vegan dishes, desserts and juices in a hip, quaint atmosphere. After a few years of perfecting some of their signature dishes, We decided it was time to grow. Similar cafes and restaurants were starting to pop up everywhere - but they sometimes lacked in flavor.

Murfreesboro was a natural choice for us. "There wasn't anything like Juicy's in the area and one was definitely needed!  A lot of people think we're we're just a juice bar and we are so shocked to see our huge menu of all vegan options."

In fact, the variety in the menu at Juicy's rivals many, much larger restaurants... quesadillas, burgers, mac-n-cheese, peach cobbler with (n)ice cream, southwestern crunch wraps, jackfruit BBQ sandwich (try it... you'll be shocked!), burritos and so much more.

"We are thrilled to have received so much hospitality and support of this beautiful town and people who live here.

Thank you Murfreesboro for allowing us to share the love of plants and all the fun and delicious ways to serve them.  Give us a try!  Your body will thank you for it.

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